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Welcome and Thank You

Personal History

I am originally from Portland, Oregon. My early days were influenced by a Korean, Buddhist stepmother. During my adolescence, I became more interested in politics, philosophy, and nature. My interests in cultivation led me to pursue and dedicate my life to learning. I eventually found my way out of academia and into the learning sanctuary of nature, after leaving a doctoral program in Australia. Upon my return to the United States, my interests in environmentalism led me to the drought-stricken regions of California. After a lengthy bicycle journey from Olympia to Los Angeles resulting in having my clothes and camping gear stolen, I traveled to Bellingham, Washington, where I finished my first book.



Life Purpose Statement 

My purpose in life is to cultivate a path of enlightenment while achieving peace, happiness, and acceptance of the community.




Life Experiences 

For many years, I have sought the experiences of intellectual enrichment. Throughout a bachelor's, master's, and an incomplete doctorate, I have found more value in planting my hands in the soil to sow the seeds of bounty, feeding the hundreds of other wanderers who till the soil.


People need to learn from each other, yet one person begs of nature to be free, self-sufficient, and resourceful. Nature offers a sanctuary greater than any other to learn and achieve enlightenment.




El Futuro

The future holds many unknown events and fates. My intuition leads me to seek out the safest, most adventurous, and most exciting route the earth has to offer. Traveling is a way of life every person experiences. My experiences of traveling belong written on paper, played through music, and painted on canvas. To make an honest impression on the soil, walking and sailing around the world helps me to realize my potential and my limits.



Present Publications

The Mad Cats in the City Police. 2018. Woven Thread Publishing Company, Bellingham, Washington.

Works in Progress

The Buddha and His Glory. Expected completion: Spring, 2019. Woven Thread Publishing Company. 


There Are Wolves out There. Expected completion: Summer, 2019. Woven Thread Publishing Company.